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Kerry L. Randa, DC

"The frog in the well knows not

           of the great ocean."

                         Chinese Proverb

1717 Madison Avenue, Suite 1
Loveland, CO  80538
(970) 667-7159


Last Labor Day week end you saw me and my daughter Olivia.  I’m Stacy From Omaha, Ne. I’ve been meaning to write you and tell you how that single visit has changed our lives.  Olivia is simply a different, more healthy kid.  She is off wheat, dairy and processed foods and sugars.  There is no more reflux, “spit ups”, vomiting, constant tummy aches.  She is better able to concentrate at home or school. She sleeps more soundly and is finally growing like a weed.  I think most striking to me, this lovely child that seemed to be still resembling a baldish baby, now has hair down to her shoulders.  Thank you for coming in on that particular Saturday to see us.  It has made all the difference and we’re grateful for everyday.
Very thankfully, Stacy Scherr and family

My son has been suffering from migraines since he was 4 years old.  He’s now 13.  We brought him to Dr. Randa because we had tried everything on the market with little to no success.  He was missing school, avoiding physical activity and the outdoors in hot weather because of the migraines.  On his first visit Dr. Randa recommended Vasculin supplements after his muscle weakness test.  Kane has not missed any school since.  He is more physical, more active and not afraid he will get migraines!  Thank you so much Dr. Randa, it has made a huge difference in Kane’s life!     Angel Beck, Loveland

I presented with extreme pain in the area where I had previously had hernia surgery. Dr. Randa treated me with pain elimination technique and now my pain has substantially subsided and I can breathe!! He is a true healing magician.  Christine Lebeda, Loveland

I had been in pain for 3 days- I was on the table for 5 minutes and the pain was gone!  I could feel blood flow return, my leg is doing fine. Sheryl Moorman-Shaw

While moving my refrigerator at the end of February, 2008, I felt a sharp , tearing sensation along my 2 year old C section incision.  Believing I just pulled a muscle, I ignored the pain, knowing it would heal.  By the beginning of April, the pain was worsening and I was unable to pick up my girls and do simple, daily tasks. I went to an urgent care facility, where the doctor diagnosed me with an incisional hernia, scheduled me an appointment with a surgeon and charged me $175.00 for this 10 minute exam.  Later that same day, the pain got so severe that my mother rushed me to the emergency room. Cat scans and ultrasounds did not show a hernia and I was told I may have torn a muscle or tore the scar tissue away from the muscle. 7 ½ hours later, I was sent home with pain killers(that I couldn’t take because they knock me out and I have two little girls to take care of) I delt with this excruciation pain for another week until I couldn’t deal with the pain any more. I called Dr. Randa’s office and made an appointment.  Praying that Dr. Randa would have an answer to my pain, I went into his “room”.  Within 10 minutes of Dr. Randa performing tests and adjustments the pain had been reduced to a “bruised” sensation and within the next two days, was non-existent.  It has now been over 3 weeks since I have seen Dr. Randa and I am still pain free!  The most frustrating part of this true story is the monetary part of it.  I paid the urgent care doctor $175.00 , the hospital bill for the emergency room is over $10,000.00 and they sent me home with pain and drugs.  Dr. Randa charged me a whopping $35.00 and took care of the pain.  R. Hadley

My 11 year old son suffered with numerous warts on his hands, torso and they were going up his neck.  I was referred to Dr. Randa by a friend  after unsuccessful attempts by our pediatrician and 6 months of a dermatologist trying  to treat this condition.  Mainstream attempts caused pain with no results as well as embarrassing markings .  3 weeks after Dr. Randa’s suggestions, my sons warts were completely gone! 2 years later they have not returned.  Chris Roncka, Loveland

I had trouble eating breakfast in the morning. I would feel like I was sick after eating in the morning.  Dr. Kerry Randa performed the N.E.T.  on me and the mext morning I woke up hungry and ate breakfast for the first time in over a year.  I have been eating breakfast everyday for over a week now. Thanks, Dr. Randa  CA

With about 10 years of pain in the sacrum from falling on it.  One session with Dr. Randa focusing on Bio-Kinetics testing, I have had no pain in the sacrum.  It has been one month and no pain.  The has been a great process and would recommend it to all.  Cindy Lewis

After receiving a Bio-Kinetics treatment in Dr. Randa’s Jan 30, 2007, for a hive-type chronic rash that covered about 1/3 of my body, the rash improved dramatically in 24 hours. And disappeared completely in 48 hours. Jennifer Brandt, Loveland

On October 31st, 2006 I ruptured my Achilles Tendon.  It was 90% ruptured.  The surgeon put me in a cast with my toes pointed down, he said I would be in that cast for 3 mos.  I can tell you that at 53 years old, crutches were not fun! Dr. Randa started cold laser treatment and magnet treatment on me immediately on my leg and 7 weeks later I was in a walking cast.  I came into the office 2 times a weak, that’s all it took to get my leg back 5 weeks earlier.  I was in the walking cast one month and no I’m in a boot! The surgeon continues to be amazed…. I thank God for Dr. Randa, He’s the best. Tammy Quain, Loveland

The first time I visited Dr. Randa, I had multiple health complaints.  To treat my sinuses, which had been giving me problems for several years, he used his acupuncture tool. My sinuses began draining almost immediately, and didn’t stop for a week.  They are now in better condition than they’ve been for years. I’m thrilled with the effectiveness of his sinus protocol. Sue Cooper

I started seeing Dr. Randa for chiropractic but little did I know he could treat me for a lifelong allergy problem.  Each spring I would suffer from pollen allergies associated with cottonwood trees and fruit trees.  Through muscle testing Dr. Randa confirmed by allergies, desensitized me to cottonwood and fruit trees.  I walked out of his office feeling like a free man.  I could breathe clearly.  I was allergy free the rest of the summer.  The following spring I went back for another treatment of desensitizing and again was free all summer.  This is the third year and I did not need a treatment but still was allergy free. It is so good not to use any medication or feel discomfort from tree allergies.  It is wonderful to find a doctor who can tell you what is wrong, treat you for that problems and feel a 100% better leaving his office all within a 30 minute time frame. David Bongers, Loveland

I has sores in the corner of my mouth that wouldn’t heal no matter what I did. So I asked Dr. Randa what to do and he told me I had a vitamin B deficiency and sure enough it fixed it.  He’s great just to listen to him.  Linda Webster, Loveland

My name is Kelli and I came to Dr. Randa’s office with some girls from work cause we had heard about how cool the bio-cleanse is and after my treatment I felt awesome and I had tons of energy.  The next day I felt real groggy but it soon cleared and I have felt better than I had in a long time.

Dr. Randa has helped me tremendously on my sinus headaches. I haven’t had a sinus infection since then. Adella Chavez, Loveland

I have arthritis with pain and stiffness especially in my hips and knees. After my first bio-cleanse I noticed a wonderful difference.  I was moving much more easily.  Getting in and out of a chair or the car was nearly pain free.  My joints feel less stiff and more stable. Michele Williams

The “anxiety technique” employed on me by Kerry Randa clearly reduced my anxiety. Thank you! Mark White, Fort Collins

This was my first visit to any Chiropractor. I was in pain! I was headed to Mexico the very same day my back “went out”  Dr Randa was able to get me in that morning, his adjustment got me immediately out of pain! Thank you Dr. Randa Kathleen Seja, Loveland   

I was in a great deal of pain for 10 years with my leg.  I saw two doctors during this time and found no relief.  A friend told me about Dr. Randa.  I didn’t know what to expect.  After a few visits my leg felt great.  From a scale of one to ten on the pain level, I was 20. Now I am at a pain level of two or three.  I am able to function again. Thank you.  Lee Piper, Loveland

PNT is AWESOME!!  The “pain in the neck” that I was experiencing was alleviated in seconds! I wish I would have come in to see Dr. Randa sooner!  Linda Hayes, Loveland

My family has been going to Dr. Randa for over twenty years, in fact, we drive over three hours one-way to continue to see him.  To find a chiropractor with his knowledge, abilities and healing touch is rare indeed.  There are three incidents that Dr. Randa has been most profound in my life.  When I first started seeing Dr. Randa I was in my early twenties and was getting hydro-cortisone shots in both knees for extreme pain.  Dr. Randa knowing what limitations the drug has in addition to what it does to your body recommended a vitamin and strengthening regimen after putting my ankle, back and knees into proper alignment.  I went from having to have help getting out of chairs to complete recovery in just a few months.  The second incident without a doubt saved my life as I know it. On June 2 of 1999 I was ina freak accident at work when an outdoor flower basket fell on my head. (I am a florist) I immediately felt more pain in my neck than my head where the basket hit.  I also lost feeling in my right arm and had trouble making fist.  My husband took me straight to Dr. Randa, I thought “oh I just took my back out” when we got there within a minute Dr. Randa would not touch me to make an adjustment and told me I had broken my neck at C6 and C7. He wrote a note and sent us straight to the hospital. Dr. Randa skill and insight prevented me from being paralyzed from the neck down.  I used Dr. Randa for my second opinion checking the MRI before I had surgery to make sure that surgery was my only option and he was and is the only one I trust to be gentle enough with my neck due to the plate that is now in my neck.   The last incident happened recently.  I was in for a check up and adjustment when almost as an after thought I told Dr. Randa about pain in my right shoulder and left hip.  Both felt as if they were not in the socket correctly and I had limited range of motion especially in the arm.  Dr. Randa pushed on the pressure points for just a few minutes.  I immediately felt relief, by the end of the day I had full range of motion in my arm and hip.   I can’t believe I waited so long and endured such pain before I said something.  We feel that Dr. Randa is our primary health physician.  We trust his knowledge and skills to homeopathically keep us health.  Vickie Ross-Schmid, Kremmling, Colorado

Dear Dr. Randa, thank you again for your kindness and care.  I am feeling better than I have in almost a year. Patty, Loveland

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